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Welcome to the home Blacklight Attractions, Halloween Productions, and Dark Rider.  We started out building a small walk through attraction locally here in Saint Louis and now we're building some of the industry's most respected, exciting and creative amusement attractions. Originally, under the name Halloween Productions, Inc., we created attractions for companies like Sea World, Cedar Point, Paramount Parks, Six Flags and more.

Several years later we split the company and started Dark Rider specifically to build and design dark ride attractions. We were the FIRST amusement company to market the blacklight based attraction. Our level of artwork and detail for blacklight dark rides, blacklight mini golf, and museum attractions is UNMATCHED.  We create interactive dark rides, interactive blacklight mini golf attractions, animations, special fx, and all sorts of walk through attractions from funhouses to haunted houses.  Additionally we're the only amusement company that incorporates ongoing story lines enhanced by computer generated animation.

Our creative ability is only limited by your imagination...if you can imagine it we can create it. Dark Rider's staff of creative artisans includes expertise in a wide range of fields from Broadway to Hollywood films to animators to creative artists. Our process starts with visiting the customer to start the design process. Within a few weeks we'll create dozens of sketches, storyboards, models and blueprints for your attraction. We do it all from design, fabricate to installation.

Do you need a set created for your museum complete with illusions, special effects or something animated? Do you need a highly detailed Christmas display or a family attraction to enhance your amusement facility? Scratching your head trying to find someone who can create a nearly impossible effect? Do you need an attraction built, on time, on budget, for one price including shipping and installation? Are you looking for an attraction that's CREATIVE, ORIGINAL, and NOT FROM SOME COOKIE CUTTER MOLD? If you want to be the talk of the amusement industry, something cutting edge, something designed just for you and your amusement facility, look no further than our company.

Please consider hiring our company to build your next amusement attraction. For interested customers we offer a fully interactive DVD, which highlights our works and services. Please email us for any additional information about dark rides, blacklight mini golf, blacklight attractions, walk through interactive attractions, animations, haunted houses, renovations, museums, etc. darkrides@scbglobal.net.

Thank you in advance for visiting with us today.

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