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Halloween Productions, Inc. has been designing, fabricating, and installing custom attractions since 1990. HPI has built attractions all over the WORLD of all kinds including haunted houses, 3D attractions, blacklight attractions, museums, laser tags, interactive dark rides, renovations, mini golf, to attractions based on comic book characters such as Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk to Garfield the Cat.
HPI has built attractions in some of the most unique locations in the World such as Niagara Falls, Branson, Missouri, Tombstone, Arizona to attractions inside the real London Bridge, to major amusement parks from Tampa Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Cedar Point to historic amusement parks like Kennywood. HPI has built attractions in countries such as Canada, China, Japan, England, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, Chile, Thailand, to Israel to all over America.

HPI has built multi motion interactive dark rides to haunted houses, to believe it or not real aquariums with sharks and more. HPI has built mirror mazes, to laser tag arena's and worked for every type of company you can imagine from a major amusement park to a family fun center from Hawaii to Denmark and back again. HPI has been all over the World, built every single type of attraction, designed things that no one has ever built, from special effects, to animations, to custom attractions.

We have traveled the WORLD building attractions... we are the best design and fabrication company in the WORLD!

What attraction do you need created?
Do you want a Christmas attraction?
Do you want a dark ride?
Do you want to build an aquarium around a blacklight mini golf attractions?

We've done and can do it again. From custom computer animation, pre-shows, to any type of attraction we are ready to build for you!


Creative Design: We are simply unmatched and our body of work proves it! No other company in the industry has built more sophisticated attractions from interactive targeting dark rides, haunted houses, museum shows, or even theming entire restaurants our company has the focus to create custom attractions. There is no theme or design we can't create unique concepts for as we've already show with major properties like Spider-man, Incredible Hulk, Garfield the Cat, James Bond MGM Tour, to major theme park rides, haunted houses, blacklight mini golf and much more.

Creative Team: Our team is the best in the business period! Our team includes master carpenters, animators some of which worked at Disneyland, the best 3D graphic illustrators, CGI animators, the best scenic painters in the WORLD and at the head of the company are some of the most creative, innovative designers in the amusement industry. Our collective experience is well over 100 and we'll put that to work for you!

Innovative Technology: Our company was the first to introduce multi motion animations to the Haunted House industry, and the first company to introduce CGI animation for use in moderate budgeted dark rides. We showed the World that nothing was impossible with a budget of under a million dollars when we created Spider-Man Ultimate Ride where riders experienced Spider-Man fighting villains. We later introduced CGI FX to the haunted house industry for commercials, haunted FX, and much more. Our attractions have been featured on Modern Marvels, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel and much more. When it comes to creating tomorrows possibilities we are here for you TODAY!

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