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You found the lost city of Atlantis now you are trapped inside a flooding room. Find clues to free your group otherwise meet a demise inside a watery grave.  

An industrial center’s experiments went wrong and zombies are closing in find clues to escape before being eaten by flesh eating zombies. 

You found a secret treasure. However, if you do not figure out a way to escape the ancient temple booby traps could be your demise. Disarm all the booby traps to escape with the treasure. 


You came to explore Alcatraz now you find yourself  trapped in an old part of the Jail. Escape to save your life by finding clues which unlock your freedom. 

You are trapped in the cellar left for dead by a serial killer. Escape before he returns! 

Escape the haunted mansion before the clock strikes midnight. Themed like a haunted house 

You have been buried alive. You wake just in time to realize you are running out of oxygen. Find clues to unlock your freedom from the buried tomb. 

You are Sherlock Holmes find clues and solve the case of Jack the Ripper before he finds another victim.  

You are trapped in a bank vault find clues to unlock the safe and escape. 

You are trapped in a sinking ship but trapped in the boiler room. You must find keys that unlock doors to reach the deck and a lifeboat. 

Trapped inside an abandoned morgue, look for clues in the morgue before you join the world of the dead. 

Imagine you are a secret agent and you must stop a nuclear attack on New York City. 

Pirate themed escape room. You are trapped in the brig of an old Pirate Ship.  Find clues to escape then find the treasure map to win. 

A tornado could wipe out your entire house but all the doors are locked to the root cellar.  Find where the farmers hid their keys and escape the coming tornado. 

You are trapped in Christmas! Unwrap gifts, search the tree, check the stockings, look up the chimney and find clues to Escape Christmas. 

You check into a haunted hotel only to find the spirits of past residence want you to check in but never check out.


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