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Haunted Houses and Haunted Attraction are the biggest form of entertainment going helping hundreds of amusement parks across the WORLD make MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of dollars. There are hundreds of haunted houses year around haunted houses in tourist towns across the World also making millions of dollars. For every haunted house that makes millions of dollars there are a 100 or more that go out of business, lose money or barely break even! There have been major amusement parks to huge sports arena's like Madison Square Garden who hired another company only to call us prior to their second year! Madison Square Garden produced a major Halloween event without our companies help and their first year they claimed in excess of one million dollars in loses. The second year they brought on our company to help them figure how to install the attractions faster, create better haunts, become scarier and more profitable!

Tampa Busch Gardens called our company to consult and build attractions for their second season after learning the hard way the first
year! Our company has helped multiple amusement enter the haunted house industry such as the ENTIRE Paramount Parks company, Kennywood Amusement Park, and the list goes on and on. Several companies out there call themselves experts, they call themselves the best consultants money can buy but ask any of them... do you own one of the WORLDS most successful haunted houses? Our company owns and operates The Darkness Haunted House in St Louis Missouri now in its 20th season which has attracted a million customers. Our haunted houses have been featured on Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Modern Marvels, Fox News Coast to Coast, front page of USA TODAY, WHAT OTHER HAUNT CONSULTANT CAN CLAIM THIS??? The answer is NONE!

We don't just understand how to create a WORLD CLASS haunted house, but we understand operations, marketing, how to sell sponsorships, to anything and everything between. One consultant might tell you to do a multi themed event... but do they own one? Do
they understand how to operate such an event, do they understand how you lay them out will effect your labor or security? Well guess
what we own one of the biggest haunted screamparks in the WORLD called Creepyworld with 10 haunted attractions in ONE location!

Our company has built dark rides, haunted houses, in tourists towns, amusement parks, to cities all over the WORLD!

There is NO OTHER better consultant than Larry Kirchner who has sold over 50,000 HOW TO VIDEOS, and helped hundreds of people enter the haunt industry the RIGHT WAY! Do you want to succeed or fail? Our company has been doing this for over 30 years and we know exactly what you need to do and we are the ONLY company who can help you make MILLIONS from the haunted house industry. WE KNOW BECAUSE we actually DO IT!

Contact us today 314 504 3970 or email darkrides@sbcglobal.net