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We have built attractions
for Marvel Comics, MGM Studios,
Kennywood Amusement Park,
Sea World, and more.


Our company builds laser tag arena’s and designs custom and unique themed laser tag facilities for our clients around the World. No one can build or create a better themed laser tag arena than Blacklight Attractions. Some companies claim they are the best, but results speak for themselves. Watch our videos where we show you who is actually the best. Blacklight Attractions does not charge by the foot like some companies, we offer the best prices, and the best products based on your budget and your theme.

When it comes to Laser Tag there is ONLY ONE company who will build you the most unique, original and high tech laser tag!



Do you want high-end, themed laser tag arena?
Do you want the BEST laser tag arena?

Our company can build a completely themed laser tag arena and install it into your facility. All of our attractions are 100% modular, meaning it can be removed, resold, or reinstalled in another building.

Do you want return customers?
Do you want to have that creative edge over your competition?

We build custom themes. If you can imagine it, we can build it!  You purchase the laser tag system of your choice, and we will create your custom themed laser tag arena which would include but not limited to the following:




There is a difference between our company and everyone else and we'll prove it.

We look forward to providing your entertainment facility the best attraction in your area.

Contact us today for more details...

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